Greetings from The Ed & Becky Meek Foundation!

The Ed and Becky Meek Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports the educational development of students residing in Mississippi through scholarships to trade, tech, vocational programs, and two-year and four-year degree programs. The Meek Foundation also supports other nonprofit organizations (such as the Charleston Arts and Revitalization Effort) that encourage and aid in community revitalization and economic improvement.

The Meek Foundation is currently focused on East Tallahatchie County.

As a community member of East Tallahatchie County, we wanted to invite you to subscribe to our quarterly newsletters. These newsletters will give you information on what The Meek Foundation is currently doing, as well as events and programs that are being held to benefit students and community members in the county. These emails will also give you information if you would like to donate to the foundation or get involved in events happening in the community.

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The Ed & Beck Meek Foundation
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